The band

GENERATION I. *1994 - †1996 
roving in emptiness

The band PARASOPHISMA was formed in 1994. After one-year existence they decided to record their first demo "One Of Neverending Possible Progression And Variants, Which rise Maybe..." including five songs and has about thirty minutes. This recording was described as doom/death metal with violin and philosophical lyrics and was compared with beginnings of My Dying Bride.
After first demo the band had some problems with line up. The guitarist was fired and the bassist and violinist left the band. That is why big changes in line up came.

New members arrival was a good opportunity to create new material, so after two years PARASOPHISMA started again.

GENERATION II. *1998 - †2000
disappearing to place where existence no exist

New tape is called "Sole Light Point In Void Tangle Of Luminous Rays Of Incompatible Directions" and including seven songs and has total time about 40 minutes. It was recorded in September 98 and it was came out in January 1999.

Music, which the band produce now, can be characterized perhaps as avant-garde experimental doom-death metal with influences of jazz music, big beat and other styles of music with solo and backing flute parts and male & female vocals.

Contemporary production of the Parasophisma is mainly focused on the technique of playing, working out arranges, creating of melody and harmony lines and also variety of voice and singing situation.

The band in 2000 recorded 9 tracks for a debut CD "A variable invariability varied in dependency on variations caused by the invariability of invariability remains the same when all the variations of fractals of delight have been done". New material again differs from both previous recordings. The music has a touch of psychedelia, is more aggressive, especially in vocal expression, but it looses nothing from the melody aspect which is a necessary attribute of the band´s expression. The CD is again full of experiments including electronics and in one song the band also ventures into yet unexplored areas of hard core. The recording comes out with most natural sound.

third magic ressurection

Po opětovné 7leté odmlce a několikerým experimentováním v obsazení se kapela opět znovu sformovala a pokračuje v cestě novátorsví a experimentu, což již nyní můžete sami posoudit.

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