ILLVMINATIONS No.2/1999 (Turkey)

"Sole Light Point In Void Tangle Of Luminous Rays Of Incompatible Directions"

Before it all calms down, I am surprised by second strike of "Experimental Doom Death God" who is probably living in Czech Republic at the moment. Well, Parasophisma´s music, which is in fact, similar to their land mates Forgotten Silence´s, can not be described easily with the well-known classification terns. We have something untraditional here. Mainly doom originated music with flute parts & jazz, rock heavy lyrics based on the philosophical titles. (Note that is real philosophy, not the common BM crap, Remember Ancient Greece OK?). I know this kind of definitions could be dangerous for a band if the members are not sure of their technical level and crativity. Fortunately, Parasophisma is out of question.

9/10 Utku Usta

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