ENCOMIUM No.2/1999 (Ukraine)

Sole Light Point In Void Tangle Of Luminous Rays Of Incompatible Directions

Wow, just take a look at the title of the demo and then on the bandname. Not too usual things for a band playing Doom/Death Metal, isn´t it? However, their 7-song material is not only about these two styles, ´coz they like to mix jazz, rock, grind and other styles along with quite thoughtful philosophical lyrics. They are really an original all-sided band having such a great connection within their musical and ideological conception. Let´s go into details? They are four: Monika Hrubá - flute/ vocals, Radim Darda - guitars, Martin Krul - bass and Dalibor Figura - vocals/drums. The first thing I must note is the good use of flute through the entire stuff. The second point is the technical skilled work of the drummer, who mostly amazed me with his rather confused solutions, but that´s O.K. The next point is to mention the will-constructed guitar riffs and melodic solos which get on well together with the remarkable bass tunes and artful bass solos. To all this you can add the enchanting female vocals and the wide-ranging of growls. Every inch of their stuff has something special, indescribably mysterious and at the same time radiates from the atmospherical feeling. Believe me, PARASOPHISMA is the pure essence of unique Metal Art! Order this masterpiece, before it´s too late.


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