ENCOMIUM No.2/1999 (Ukraine)

"One Of Neverending Possible Progressions And Variants, Which Rise Maybe… "

Be on friendly terms with Dalibor, I received another demo of PARASOPHISMA, the predecessor of "Sole Light…". Musically, it differs in some ways, of course. I suppose it´s due to the participation of other musicians in the band. The main line of  "One Of Neverending…" has the same basis as we get accustomed to the early MY DYING BRIDE stuffs. There are 5 long songs filled up with a good mix of sad violin-parts and mid-paced Doom/Death riffs of guitars. To cut it short, if you´re into slowly yet mournful Doom/Death Metal spiced with ultra deep growls and philosophical themes, buy a copy of this 29 minutes long funereal anthem.


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